January 11th, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - Kimberly's popular work, Dirty Jeans, for viola and piano, will be featured as part of an evening of words and music, the Outpost Concert Series, at the Hook and Ladder Theatre and Lounge in Minneapolis. The work will be performed by violist, Sam Bergman and pianist, Susan Billmeyer.

March, 2020

DENVER, COLORADO - As part of an evening of new works for viola and Wagnerian soprano, Kimberly will be premiering her work, Prometeo, based on a poem by Mauricio Herrera. The work was commissioned for this project by violist Conrad Sclar, and will featuring soprano Erin Hodgson. 

April, 2020

PITTSBURG, KANSAS - Kimberly will be premiering a new TRUMPET CONCERTO in collaboration with trumpeter Will Koehler and the Pittsburg State University Wind Ensemble! The multi-movement work is inspired by legendary creatures from the Americas.

Kimberly Osberg

Composer and Interdisciplinary Arts Collaborator

Photo Credit: Amy Osajima

​​"The orchestration is perfect."

-Samuel Adler, of Thump

Commissioned by Trio Kavanáh to accompany Horizons showcase (Ian Davenport) - October 2018

Latest Works

Want to read more about Kimberly's work-in-progress? Keep up with the latest on her blog, Motives, to learn more about her process, collaborators, travels, and observations!

Upcoming Performances

Rocky Summer
Commissioned by the Dallas Chamber Symphony, premiered with original text

- March 2019

enormous creative energy positively electrifies everyone."

-Dr. David Kote, of Macbeth

​​"I was moved to tears by her music."

-Christopher Wynn (Dallas Morning News), of Rocky Summer

As a composer, I have always been fascinated by the process of collaboration - of working intimately with artists from the initial spark of inspiration to the final moments of its presentation. The world could always use more great art. Let's make it together.

-Kimberly Osberg

All Aflutter
From a larger work-in-progress, 

Sketches from Yellowood - August 2017

"[Osberg's work is] an endless array of brilliant mosaics, little tiny pieces that are extremely intricate."

-Dr. Timothy Weiss, of All Aflutter