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From a larger work-in-progress, 

Sketches from Yellowood - August 2017

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As a composer, I have always been fascinated by the process of collaboration, of working intimately with artists from the initial spark of inspiration to the final moments of its presentation. The world could always use more great art - let's make it together.

-Kimberly Osberg

Photo Credit: Amy Osajima

Latest Works

Excerpt from Prospect Hill
From the original play Prospect Hill by Bruce Walsh - March 2017

Kimberly's thesis project, for voice and sinfonietta ensemble - December 2016

Kimberly Osberg

Composer and Interdisciplinary Arts Collaborator


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Kimberly's ever-popular,  Suite-Ass Cycle!, is receiving yet another performance by the RE: New Music Duo (Robin Meiksins and Emily Mehigh) - for whom it was originally written - at the Slate Arts + Performance Galleryin Chicago.

Spring 2018

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA - Kimberly's new work, Genesis, will receive its premiere by Indiana University percussionist, Michael Metz. This 12-minute commission is a set of six miniatures for mixed quintet and cymbals. Check back soon for more details on the performance!