Volume One - Eau Claire, Wisconsin

"Keeping Up with Kim" (Interview)
"Swan Song" (Band Together)
"Nineteen Year Old..." (Performance announcement, Working Together)

Luther College - Decorah, Iowa

"Kimberly Osberg: Versatile composer..." (Interview)

"Music in the Shape of a Pear..." (Performance Announcement, Big-Ass Moth​)


Various - Bloomington, Indiana

"New play explores..." - Indiana Daily Student (Interview, Prospect Hill)

"Reflections from the Mirror..." - George Walker, WFIU Public Radio (Macbeth​)

"Music student uses eclectic style..." -Indiana Daily Student (Interview, Macbeth​)

"Macbeth to open Friday..." -Indiana Daily Student (Interview, Macbeth)

"IU Students Bring Macbeth Back to Life" -Herald Times, posted online via 7th and Jordan (Interview, Macbeth)

​"A Composer Imagines 'The Scottish Play'" -George Walker, WFIU Public Radio (Interview, Macbeth)

"New Voices Opera: Mystery and Macabre" -George Walker, WFIU Public Radio (Interview, Thump)

​"IU students' operas form double bill..." -Peter Jacobi, Herlad Times; posted online via New Voices Opera (Interview and Review, Thump)

"Double Bill Announced" -New Voices Opera (Performance Announcement, Thump)

"Hammer and Nail" - Indiana Daily Student (Interview, (Re)place: Paper or Plastic?)

"Hammer and Nail" - Indiana University Jacobs School of Music News (Interview, (Re)place: Paper or Plastic?​)


Interview with Marcus Redden - Mixtape Preservation Society - (36'20" - 43'05" / Comments and Performance of Broken Boomerang)

"Aspen Music Fest: Women Composers Still Lack Opportunity" -Aaron Travers, The Aspen Times (Interview, Aspen Music Festival)

​"Curated" -Claire Woodcock, All Things Considered: Aspen Public Radio (Interview, Aspen Music Festival)


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Kimberly Osberg

Composer and Interdisciplinary Arts Collaborator