hashtagmasonjar (8'30") - Mezzo-Soprano and Sinfonietta

         -Version for tenor voice also available

           -Piano reduction available

           -Multimedia visual accompaniment also available

           -Original text

*What I Would Do ​(5'00") - Bass Voice and String Quartet

             -Original text

The Ex-Files: John Makes Believe (10'00") - Narrator and Drumset

         -Part of a larger work-in-progress; works as standalone movement
           -Original text

The Ex-Files: Maybe He's John (8'30") - Narrator and Drumset

            -Part of a larger work-in-progress; works as standalone movement

            -Original text

Thump (35'00") - Chamber Opera

       I. Trio

        II. Tenor Aria

        III. Mezzo-Soprano Aria

        IV. Baritone Aria

        V. Trio

           -Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone

           -Piano reduction available

           -Adapted from Sir Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

Psalm 6 (9'30") - Soprano, Three Percussionists, and Piano​​

            -Adapted from an excerpt of Psalm 6

On Doubt (6'30") - Mixed Chorus, Unaccompanied


             -Original text      

Three or More Performers

Looking for a different instrumentation of a work you see listed?

*Rocky Summer (11'30") - 13 players and Narrator

*Sketches from Yellowood (10'00") - Mixed Septet

    I. All Aflutter

     II. The Legend of the Majestic Lake Cow

     III. Extraterrestrial Peepholes

​​Passing Through​ (8'30") - Woodwind Octet

Electronic Works

*Our Little Secrets (5'00") - Concert Band, Grade 2 or 4

*Band Together (5'30") - Concert Band, Grade 3

*Lunch "Meet" (5'00") - Concert Band, Grade 2

A Breakdown (5'30") - Orchestra

*Hope (6'00") - Concert Band, Grade 3

Dark Inspiring (5'00") - Orchestra

Vocal and Theatrical Works

Orchestra and Band

Large Chamber Ensemble

Kimberly Osberg

Composer and Interdisciplinary Arts Collaborator


Check out our blog to find out about upcoming works and performances!

Large Ensemble
Chamber Ensemble

The Jabberwocky (5'00")

           -Available in stereo or quad 

           -Text from The Jabberwocky​ by Lewis Carroll (PD)

           -Version without narrator track also available for live performance

Excerpts from Prospect Hill (10'00")

         -Available in stereo only

           -Expanded from transition music

Excerpts from Macbeth (15'00")

           -Available in stereo, 4- and 8-channel versions
           -Adapted from in-scene sound-design and transition music

Invited to Tea: The Coffee Room (20'00")

           -Available in stereo or 6-channels only

           -From Luther College production of Invited to Tea 

           -Written in collaboration with Maxwell R. Lafontant

Sunk ​(7'45")

           -Available in stereo or quad

Duos and Solo Works

*Inrageous (3'30") - Flute

*Suite-Ass Cycle (10'00") - Flute and Clarinet

   I. Fat-Ass Robin
  II. Lazy-Ass Pterodactyl
 III. Big-Ass Moth 

*Dirty Jeans (5'30") - Viola and Piano

*The Ravage of the Harpies (8'15") - Solo Harp

*Kyrie​ (3'00") - Solo Trumpet

*The Page Turner's Retort (5'45") - Piano Duo

     Written in collaboration with Maxwell R. Lafontant

Roof Thoughts (7 minutes) - Violin and Cello

Dayburst (4'30") - Flute and Piano

Fixed Media

Trashterpieces (8'00") - "Trash-cussion" (3 performers)

       I. Waste Land

       II. Lampunium

       III. Rip Tides

       IV. Boxing Match

       V. Glass Kicking

       VI. Litter Alley Trash

            -Available in stereo or quad

            -Max/MSP 7 patch 

           -Fixed-media track also available

           -Premiered with stage combat

The Drunk Yard​ (7'40") - "Trash-cussion" (solo performer)

         -Available in stereo only

           -Max/MSP 7 patch

(Re)Place: Paper or Plastic? (5'00") - "Trashcussion" (2 performers)

           -Amplified (no media)

           -Premiered with dance

*Interplay​ (6'30") - Clarinet, Violin, and Piano

​*Almost Ready (1'30") - Brass Quintet

Broken Boomerang (4'45") - Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, and Piano

*Bassline (4'30") - Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Harp, and Percussion

*Extracted Wisdom (5'00") - String Quartet

   I. A New Perspective

   II. Inner Peace

   III. Sharp Focus

   IV. A Weight Removed

*Silver and Brown (5'45") - Flute and String Quartet

*Defined by Darkness (20'00") - Flute, Viola, Harp, and Percussion

   I. It Finds the Darkness

   II. A Dark Side

   III. Study the Darkness

   IV. Nursed in Darkness

   V. To Be Luminous

Mountain Dances (15'00") - Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Piano

    I. Thin Aire

    II. Bearceuse

    III. Sun(ata) Burnt

*​Working Together (15'00") - Clarinet, Piano, and Percussion

   I. Building

   II. Expanding

   III. Revolutionizing

Prairie Rain (4'45") - Two harps and two marimbas

Something to Prove (5'00") - Mallet sextet

For a complete list of works or to request a perusal score, please contact Kimberly directly. An asterisk denotes a commissioned work.

Works in bold are available purchase as-is - all others may be under exclusivity or undergoing updates.

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