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*Inrageous (3'30") - Flute

*Suite-Ass Cycle (10'00") - Flute and Clarinet

   I. Fat-Ass Robin
  II. Lazy-Ass Pterodactyl
 III. Big-Ass Moth 

*Dirty Jeans (5'30") - Viola and Piano

*The Ravage of the Harpies (8'15") - Solo Harp

*Kyrie​ (3'00") - Solo Trumpet

*The Page Turner's Retort (5'45") - Piano Duo

     Written in collaboration with Maxwell R. Lafontant

Roof Thoughts (7 minutes) - Violin and Cello

Dayburst (4'30") - Flute and Piano

hashtagmasonjar (8'30") - Mezzo-Soprano and Sinfonietta

         -Version for tenor voice also available

           -Piano reduction available

           -Multimedia visual accompaniment also available

           -Original text

*What I Would Do ​(5'00") - Bass Voice and String Quartet

             -Original text

The Ex-Files: John Makes Believe (10'00") - Narrator and Drumset

         -Part of a larger work-in-progress; works as standalone movement
           -Original text

The Ex-Files: Maybe He's John (8'30") - Narrator and Drumset

            -Part of a larger work-in-progress; works as standalone movement

            -Original text

Thump (35'00") - Chamber Opera

       I. Trio

        II. Tenor Aria

        III. Mezzo-Soprano Aria

        IV. Baritone Aria

        V. Trio

           -Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone

           -Piano reduction available

           -Adapted from Sir Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

Psalm 6 (9'30") - Soprano, Three Percussionists, and Piano​​

            -Adapted from an excerpt of Psalm 6

On Doubt (6'30") - Mixed Chorus, Unaccompanied


             -Original text      

Three or More Performers

Looking for a different instrumentation of a work you see listed?

*Rocky Summer (11'30") - 13 players and Narrator

*Sketches from Yellowood (10'00") - Mixed Septet

    I. All Aflutter

     II. The Legend of the Majestic Lake Cow

     III. Extraterrestrial Peepholes

​​Passing Through​ (8'30") - Woodwind Octet

Electronic Works

Interactive Electronics

Trashterpieces (8'00") - "Trash-cussion" (3 performers)

       I. Waste Land

       II. Lampunium

       III. Rip Tides

       IV. Boxing Match

       V. Glass Kicking

       VI. Litter Alley Trash

            -Available in stereo or quad

            -Max/MSP 7 patch 

           -Fixed-media track also available

           -Premiered with stage combat

The Drunk Yard​ (7'40") - "Trash-cussion" (solo performer)

         -Available in stereo only

           -Max/MSP 7 patch

(Re)Place: Paper or Plastic? (5'00") - "Trashcussion" (2 performers)

           -Amplified (no media)

           -Premiered with dance


*Our Little Secrets (5'00") - Concert Band, Grade 2 or 4

*Band Together (5'30") - Concert Band, Grade 3

*Lunch "Meet" (5'00") - Concert Band, Grade 2

A Breakdown (5'30") - Orchestra

*Hope (6'00") - Concert Band, Grade 3

Dark Inspiring (5'00") - Orchestra

Fixed Media

Duos and Solo Works

Large Ensemble

Orchestra and Band

Chamber Ensemble

Large Chamber Ensemble

Kimberly Osberg

Composer and Interdisciplinary Arts Collaborator

For a complete list of works or to request a perusal score, please contact Kimberly directly. An asterisk denotes a commissioned work.

Works in bold are available purchase as-is - all others may be under exclusivity or undergoing updates.

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The Jabberwocky (5'00")

           -Available in stereo or quad 

           -Text from The Jabberwocky​ by Lewis Carroll (PD)

           -Version without narrator track also available for live performance

Excerpts from Prospect Hill (10'00")

         -Available in stereo only

           -Expanded from transition music

Excerpts from Macbeth (15'00")

           -Available in stereo, 4- and 8-channel versions
           -Adapted from in-scene sound-design and transition music

Invited to Tea: The Coffee Room (20'00")

           -Available in stereo or 6-channels only

           -From Luther College production of Invited to Tea 

           -Written in collaboration with Maxwell R. Lafontant

Sunk ​(7'45")

           -Available in stereo or quad

Vocal and Theatrical Works

*Interplay​ (6'30") - Clarinet, Violin, and Piano

​*Almost Ready (1'30") - Brass Quintet

Broken Boomerang (4'45") - Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, and Piano

*Bassline (4'30") - Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Harp, and Percussion

*Extracted Wisdom (5'00") - String Quartet

   I. A New Perspective

   II. Inner Peace

   III. Sharp Focus

   IV. A Weight Removed

*Silver and Brown (5'45") - Flute and String Quartet

*Defined by Darkness (20'00") - Flute, Viola, Harp, and Percussion

   I. It Finds the Darkness

   II. A Dark Side

   III. Study the Darkness

   IV. Nursed in Darkness

   V. To Be Luminous

Mountain Dances (15'00") - Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Piano

    I. Thin Aire

    II. Bearceuse

    III. Sun(ata) Burnt

*​Working Together (15'00") - Clarinet, Piano, and Percussion

   I. Building

   II. Expanding

   III. Revolutionizing

Prairie Rain (4'45") - Two harps and two marimbas

Something to Prove (5'00") - Mallet sextet

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